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May 16,  · iPhone 5s embodies Apple’s continuing environmental progress. It is designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact: Mercury-free LED-backlit display. Explore iPhone, the world's most powerful personal device. Check out the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR. [September, ] The best Apple price in Philippines starts from ₱ Compare top models from Apple Philippines such as the Apple iPhone X, and Apple iPhone 6. Find the cheapest Apple price list in Philippines, compare specs, reviews, and more at iPrice!

iPhone 5s - Technical Specifications

Call or text me for product availabilty First come first serve Limited stocks only Gpp Call or text me for product availabilty First come first serve Limited stocks only Smartlock Text or call me for more details Brand new sealed Accept trade-in Buy and sell Limited stocks Smartlock Brand new sealed we accept trade in swap limited stock smart lock only Contact my number For product availabilty First come first serve Limited stocks only The iPhone 5s is Apple's 7th generation iPhone.

The 5s was released on September 20 alongside iOS 7. Physically the iPhone 5s looked identical to the previous year's iPhone 5, including the 4-inch x in-cell display. But that's been true for every s-branded phone Apple has released to date.

With this phone, however, there's one notable exception. The iPhone 5s not only comes in dark and light colors, space gray and silver respectively, but it comes in gold.

Also, like every s-branded phon Apple iPhone 5S phone case. Apple iPhone 5S case. No Brand iphone battery for iphone 5s. Apple iphone battery for iphone 5S. Let's check eight important things about the next iPhone. On September 10, U. This will be the 7th iPhone model since its debut inand as it was rumored, philippines iphone 5s, there will be two models.

The "iPhone 5s" that is the successor to the iPhone 5, and the philippines iphone 5s cost "iPhone 5c". After the special event in the U. For detailed specs, please refer to this article, philippines iphone 5s. The first to be introduced at the special event was the "iPhone 5c". As it was rumored, it has a polycarbonate body and it is said to be a cheaper version of the iPhone, but as far as we tried it out, it didn't seem cheap philippines iphone 5s all. The material fits right in your hand, and the body is not too glossy, not too dull, it's the perfect balance.

It's not fingerprint-free but smudges don't stand out much. Thanks to the hard coating, philippines iphone 5s, philippines iphone 5s seems to be scratch-resistant too. The steel reinforced frame, that also doubles as an antenna, adds strength.

It's not high-class compared to the aluminum body of the "iPhone 5" and the new "iPhone 5s" but the colorful lineup of the 5 colors white, pink, yellow, blue, and green were all likeable.

It maybe called the "cheaper" version for it's low cost and structure, but it's a very Apple-like model that isn't cheap in quality at all. The "iPhone 5c" uses polycarbonate for the back shell. Its size is It's bigger and heavier than the "iPhone 5" but the edges are round and fits nicely in the hand.

It felt easier to hold than the not-so-round "iPhone5" and "iPhone5s". The back shell is made from a type of plastic, but it's so well made that it doesn't seem cheap at all. It isn't too glossy and seems to be smudge resistant. The shape and placing of buttons and the nano-SIM slot are the same as the "iPhone5".

The speaker holes have changed. It is made with a steel reinforced frame. There are five colors; white, pink, yellow, philippines iphone 5s, blue, and green. The basic features of the "iPhone 5c" follow that of "iPhone 5".

It has a 4-inch retina display bypixel resolution at ppi. As the "iPhone 5," it will have A6 processor chip. It runs the latest "iOS7". From things such as the body color being the same as the screen wallpaper, one can feel how much effort was put into the colors. Based on trying the actual device, the movement is smooth, apps respond fast, and you can play games comfortably.

It hasn't been announced how much memory it has, but it didn't feel that it's been downgraded from the "iPhone5". Comparing the battery to the "iPhone 5", talk time on 3G has increased from 8 hours to up to 10 hours, philippines iphone 5s internet use on 4G LTE has also increased from 8 hours to up to 10 hours. Official "iPhone 5c" cases. They are made of soft silicone with a microfiber lining with circle cutouts. You can enjoy various combinations of colors.

The other new model, the "iPhone 5s", follows the design of the "iPhone 5", but the inside, such as the processor and camera have been greatly improved. A fingerprint sensor is built into the Home button which is also a big improvement in terms of security. There are philippines iphone 5s colors, including the new gold color. The new gold "iPhone 5s".

On the right is a picture with the silver model next to it. Compared to the "iPhone 5", the text size where it says iPhone is thinner. The gold model is gold not only on the back but the sides as well, philippines iphone 5s. The black model that used to be called "black and slate" has changed it's name to "space gray". I wasn't able to compare the colors philippines iphone 5s I'm not sure of the details, but it philippines iphone 5s that the black part has been changed to dark gray.

The "iPhone 5s" will have the new "A7 chip" with bit architecture. It is the world's first bit architecture smartphone. I was able to experience the speed with philippines iphone 5s start up of the camera and it's processing. For example, philippines iphone 5s, the "real time analysis" on the "Burst mode" suggests photos that you might like best, and even though I took over 40 continuous photos, suggestions came up immediately.

I should also mention that all built-in apps supports 64bit. The "iPhone5s" also has another new processor; the "M7 coprocessor". This is a processor that handles data from sensors such as the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. The sensors are constantly moving, so if you try to process the data on the main chip, it will drain the battery. The "A6 chip" did the processing of this data, but by adding another processor it's possible to prevent overusing the battery.

For example, if the iPhone isn't used for a while it will assume that you are asleep, and reduce network pinging to spare battery, philippines iphone 5s. It is also philippines iphone 5s to be useful for fitness apps and navigation apps that use sensors. Inside is the bit architecture "A7 chip". I was able to feel the speed with games and the camera. It has M7 coprocessor that processes sensor data.

It will constantly collect and process data from sensors without draining the battery, and can make changes such as network access and running applications. It's the same 8 MP with 1. It adjusts the color and intensity from over combinations and helps produce more natural looking colors. And since there are two LEDs, philippines iphone 5s, the flash is really bright.

I'm sure many people avoided using the flash because the colors aren't accurate, but the philippines iphone 5s flash should be helpful. Let's look forward to what kind of photos it can take.

There are plenty of features for the camera. The "Burst mode" that I have mentioned before, "Auto image stabilization" that combines photos into one image with little hand shake as possible, and slow-motion video that records at fps. As you can see there are many new features for both photos and video recording, philippines iphone 5s.

You also can't miss the auto-focus which is up to two times faster, thanks to the combination of the powerful "A7 chip" and the Camera app in "iOS7". It adjusts the brightness of the light and intensity according to the scene. Video recording supports p.

It has a unique feature called "Slo-mo video" that lets you play philippines iphone 5s in slow motion. The "Burst mode" captures 10 continuous photos per second and analyzes them philippines iphone 5s real time and suggests individual photos or a sequence of photos that you might like best. It captures while you are touching the shutter button and it's possible to take over photos. The powerful "A7 chip" helps choose the best shots instantly.

In terms of hardware, the biggest difference between the "iPhone 5" and the "iPhone 5s" is the home button. As it was rumored there is a fingerprint sensor called "Touch ID" built in. The ring around the Home button is the switch of the sensor, and it starts up when you touch it.

You can unlock your phone by simply putting your finger on the Home button for a few seconds. It is very convenient not having to slide the screen and enter a 4 digit passcode each time. You can enroll up to 5 fingerprints.

Fingerprint data will be stored on philippines iphone 5s "A7 chip" so even the OS can't access it. When you want to enroll a fingerprint all you have to do is put your finger on the sensor a couple of times; not complicated at all. The "Touch ID", a fingerprint sensor, that is built in the Home button, philippines iphone 5s.


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