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iphone voicemail red dot stuck

The red dot is the voicemail indicator. If you want to get rid of the red dot then: Call your cell phone and leave yourself a message. The red dot should turn into a "1+". Now call your voicemail and clear the message. The dot should now be extinguished (and only appear if you have voicemail). Red voicemail dot remains on Iphone 7 after I delete voicemail. The way to get rid of this is by phoning your own mobile number and leaving yourself a message then delete that message in the usual way. That should get rid of the notification. This isn't an iPhone issue, it's actually an EE voicemail platform issue. If you are on 4G. Jul 23,  · Question: Q: Blank Red Dot Won't go away iPhone 5. So, earlier in class today I got a call from a wrong number and now I have a blank red dot over the phone app, I googled this and this means I have a voicemail. One thing, I don't have voicemail. Since I'm only 17, I don't have people calling me (and a limited number of people who have my.

See a Blank Red Dot on the Phone Icon? It’s Your iPhone Voicemail, Here’s the Fix

Voicemail should work as normal and the blank icon will disappear… unless of course you have a network error. For the most situations, that blank dot is just a simple connection issue, whether with the login or network. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

Enter your email address below:. Call your own phone number gets you into voicemail! You can listen to your new voicemails and delete or save! Try this 1st! It works! You can listen to your new unseen voicemails and delete or save and when you are done you will see after you hang up that whatever voicemails you saved are there! And red dot is gone! You can use this simple fix anytime you want to hear your deleted voicemails too apparently : or change your voicemail settings.

I appreciate that suggestion! It worked Perfectly for me! And that fix of calling your own number worked! And it should work for any variation or update on any iPhone. So after many many threads and many many failed attempts to get rid of that dang red dot. Click the Phone icon. Choose Keypad. Press Call to show the status.

Program New Voicemail Retrieval Number. Press Call to program the number. Delete Voicemail Retrieval Number. Press Call to delete the number. My phone isnt telling me when i have voicemails!!

Red Dot persisted and would not clear by conventional means. If you need to conserve data ensure data is turned off. My solution? This article worked. Someone said they found it happened when their wi-fi was off. Receiving and erasing a vm with cel data turned off worked for me. Yes, iphone voicemail red dot stuck, turn mobile data off.

Ring yourself, leave and retrieve message then delete message then it finally goes away :. I had the red dot for weeks even though I had cleared my voice mail. A friend finally told me that this can happen when you turn cellular data off…. I turned on my cellular data for a minute, turned it right back off, and the red dot was gone. I now do this every time I clear my voicemail and the dreaded red dot is history.

Same here, the only trick that worked on iphone 6s ios 9. Tried everything else and was getting frustrated …. Thanks Emma. I had the same problem. Turned the phone completely offwaited 15 seconds then turned phone back on. I still had the red dotthen I went to settings turned data on for 15 seconds then turned data off. The red dot is gone. Hope this helps- it worked for me. I had exactly this same problem with my IPhone 5c after a random call from an unknown number who left a vm and this screwed everything.

I had that blank red dot!! All guys very sweet. But totally unable to help. So I call myself mobile data switched off guys!!! Then I cautiously went back to my red dot. Try it!!! Red dot on iPhone phone icon…. Check and see if your airplane mode is on … Turn it off!

The red dot appeared on my phone today. Restarting the phone made it go away, iphone voicemail red dot stuck. Iphone voicemail red dot stuck problem with the red dot appearing on your phone icon, is a 9. It only happens to me after I turn my phone back on in the morning, as I always shut it down in the evening.

The fix for me is to simply turn on iphone voicemail red dot stuck data. It instantly disappears, iphone voicemail red dot stuck. Hey guys, i had that problem too like you and i got it fixed after minutes patching. I hope it will help you all. Thank you for your permissions. I hate vodacom, iphone voicemail red dot stuck. Every time I am asked a new password iphone voicemail red dot stuck my voicemail messages and it changes every time then blocks me….

Thank you! Had to reset my vm pswd. Easy Peasy and I thank you again, good sir! Just be sure that you reinput your wireless password. Thank you so much Rob — it worked! Spoke to O2 and they were useless. I did what you said, did a hard reset and it worked! For anyone else who needs it, the O2 code is I have the red button on as I upgraded my phone from a 4S to a 5S I forgot to contact EE to turn the voicemail off and now I have had a voicemail and it has left the red dot, which I want removed!!!

I tried above suggestion. Nothing works. I restarted my phone, the red dot went away :. I also rang virgin mobile to arrange for the voicemail to be reset for the ported number. So far nil points for Virgin and same for Apple — taking your money but poor service afterwards. Enter the following from the phone keyboard pad as if making a phone call then press dial key — not much occurs but this should fix the VM button.

Now I can just hit the normal Voicemail button. Much easier. Disregard above. When toggled on…damn dot is still there. Hope it helps. I have tried leaving voice mail, turning data back on, retrieving voice mail, turning data off, iphone voicemail red dot stuck dot disappeared.

Visual voice mail works fine. For regular voicemail I do not remember my password so I will have to call my provider and have them clear this up. You have to dial into your voicemail the old way. If you have another phone other that iPhone read your message there and answer the voice mail. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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iphone voicemail red dot stuck


Remove Red Number From App Icons on iPhone. 1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad. 2. On the Settings screen, tap on Notifications 3. On the Notifications screen, tap on the app for which you want to remove Red Number or the Notification badge. In this case . The red dot is the voicemail indicator. If you want to get rid of the red dot then: Call your cell phone and leave yourself a message. The red dot should turn into a "1+". Now call your voicemail and clear the message. The dot should now be extinguished (and only appear if you have voicemail). Aug 23,  · Fixing the Red Dot on Phone Voicemail Icon for iPhone. Head to the “Settings” app on your iPhone and go to the “Phone” section. Scroll down and tap on “Change Voicemail Password” – this should trigger a voicemail login popup alert where you can enter the proper voicemail password, enter the correct password.